Assist for senior high school is really a self-directed writing program for teenagers that both teaches rhetorical thinking on paper, along with the educational essay platforms for twelfth grade and university.

Written to teens straight!

teenagers work separately of these moms and dads, nonetheless types of completed projects and rubrics for feedback are included, also.

Brave Writer’s assist for twelfth grade could be the answer to your writing requires for teenagers. Most senior school writing materials are made to explain academic writing formats. Assist for senior high school goes further. It can help teenagers discover ways to think, argue, and produce their very own effective writing design during the exact same time.

Assist for senior high school is created right to your 13-18 12 months old pupil.

Modules include workouts and instruction for the following abilities:

  • demand of language
  • supported argument
  • rhetorical imagination
  • compare
  • the role of narrative writing within the scholastic format
  • exploratory and essay that is expository
  • writing thesis statements, >

Assist for senior school is ideal for the pupil that would choose to work separately. Furthermore, we now have three online classes which cover the exact same content. These classes are excellent for pupils that would like instructor feedback therefore the relationship with other students afforded by our online class:

Assist for senior high school is really a electronic item. Go ahead and print it on your own use that is personalsee photo examples).

The product are available using the Writer’s Jungle, and it will be purchased and paired because of the Boomerang, the language arts program for twelfth grade.

Ages: senior school pupils who possess maybe not yet discovered the basic educational essay structure. Frequently grades that are 9th-10th.

Structure: Black and PDF that is white, downloaded to your personal computer or tablet. 170+ pages. Authorization to printing additionally included.

Down load a sample that is free (choose in the “Title” drop down menu below).

Assist for twelfth grade is arranged into composing modules. Each module offers your student clear explanations of this writing element or ability targeted within the chapter. You will find clear, step-by-step guidelines for execution regarding the project. Read more